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How to Earn your GED

Many people need to get their GED but they do not know how to get their ged or where to get their ged. Our goal is to teach you how to get your ged. We provide you with free, accurate and reliable GED information that will help you better understand how to get your ged online and GED Directory information.

Which States allow you to take a GED Online - Get Your GED Online
Can you get your GED Online? The truth is you that can not get your GED online, but you can prepare and take GED practice test online. You can also enroll in Online GED courses and purchase GED Preparation books. The thing about preparing for your GED test is you should prepare for the version of the GED test that you will take. For example if you are taking a computer based GED test, then you should practice using the computer. If you are taking a paper based GED test, then you should practice by taking paper based practice test.
You can also access the GED Directory and get GED Testing Center Information.
How to Get Your GED Free

One of the first things that you should do in order to get your GED for Free is to request free information. Where do you request this information from? This may shock you but there are many Adult Education agencies in each state that can provide you with free information on GED exams and also get you enrolled and registered to take the exam free, through their programs. Please refer to the GED Directory to see a list of agency by state that will provide you with free information about the GED exam and the process for registering.

The GED also known as the General Equivalency Diploma or General Education(al) Diploma. The official definition of GED is: General Educational Development. The GED Diploma is awarded to people who meet the GED score requirements. Each state has a different minimum score and different standard scores that are needed to earn a GED. Some Test Centers will tell you your score immediately while others may take up to several weeks to let you know. To increase your chances of getting your GED diploma it is strongly recommended that you take preparation courses. You can also take a practice exams.

Post GED Scholarships

In some situations you can have your registration fee waived. However a new method of getting your GED free is now becoming increasingly popular. Colleges are now providing applicants with a small scholarship that is equivalent to their GED registration fee or equivalant to a percentage of the college tuition. Sounds good but here is the catch: GED recipients have up to 90 days to claim their Post GED scholarship and enroll in college courses.

GED Requirements

Do you know how to get your GED? GED requirements for taking the GED test vary from state to state. GED age requirements are one of the requirements that differs from state to state. Some states allow you to be as young as 16 while others require that you are atleast 19 years of age and officially withdrawn from High School. You can take the GED test if you are not a US citizen and you may also take the GED test if you have a High School Diploma from outside the US. Also a person is allowed to retake any portions of the GED test that they have previously failed.

Reasons to get a GED
Now you can get your GED fast in a few days.
Having a GED looks better on your resume or job application.
Over 90% of colleges and over 95% of employers accept GED graduates.
Colleges require that you have atleast a high school degree or equivalent.
GED graduates are accepted by over 90% of colleges and over 95% of employers.
Most employers would like to see you have atleast a high school degree or equivalent.
The GED Test Questions

The GED Test consists of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Math. Each test is administered with strict instructions and a time limit that may change for each portion of the test. Some GED Test Questions are multiple choice while others may be long or short answer form.

Language Arts Test- In part 1 of the language arts test you will read literature in sentence form: resumes, reports, emails etc. This portion of the language arts test contains grammar, sentence structure and basic writing task. In part 2 of the GED language arts test you will write an essay on a specified topic. You will be allotted a specific amount of time. Language Arts, Reading GED Test- In the Language Arts Reading portion of the test you will read stories, essays, plays etc. This is the reading comprehension part of the GED Language Arts Reading test.

Social Studies GED Exam- The Social Studies test is a 1 part exam. You will be answering multiple choice questions based on high school level social studies criteria.

GED Science Exam - On the Science Test you will be asked to answer basic science questions related to earth, space and physical science.

What the math portion of the ged test looks like

Math GED Exam- The math portion of the GED test is a 2 part test. On the first part of the Math test you may use a calculator. Both parts of the Math test consists of basic addition, subtraction, geometry, algebra and other high school level math questions. This concludes the GED Test description.

GED Practice GED Preparation courses

Did you know that taking GED Preparation Courses increases the likely hood of successfully passing the GED test? There are plenty of resources that you can use to prepare. One of the most used sources is GED for Dummies listed below this paragraph. This is a book that contains every aspect the GED and preparation for the GED test. GED Practice exams, sample GED questions, study guides you name it, it's in GED for Dummies and it can be purchased online below.

Another method of preparation can be utilized online by taking online GED courses and online ged practice test. Some courses are a few days and some are a few weeks. If the courses last a few days, then you are probably getting a lot of practice and preparation in a very short period of time. Once you are ready you can get your GED immediately after you register to take the GED test.

How to Register for the GED Test

In order for you to take the GED Test you have to register. You can do so either over the phone or in person at your states Department of Education. You can also register at an actual GED testing center and you may be able to register for the GED Test online. The fee is required upon registration. The GED registration process for each state may be slightly different. The Test can be taken in English, Spanish and French. When you arrive to take the test there will be a check in and you will be required to present proper identification and they may or may not allow you to bring certain things into the testing area such as: food drinks, hats etc.

Earn Your GED Online?

Sources are saying that in about 2 years you will be allowed to earn your ged online. Many people think you already can. The problem with this is: the need to create an internet friendly ged curriculum. This curriculum would consist of courses and exams that will help you get your ged online. The format of this online curriculum would somewhat follow that of online colleges. That raises another problem that advocates who support the idea; they think that online colleges should implement online ged test with their current programs.

If you could earn your ged online then it would be convenient, private and comfortable. But you do have to consider the temptation for high school students to try and get a ged online instead complete their high school requirements. What would the opportunity to earn your ged online do to the school systems? This would definitely pose a threat.

GED Testing Locations
There are GED testing locations in each state. Some are located at the State Board of Education while others are located at private facilities. Make sure that you are prepared before you take the GED exam. It is strongly advised that you take a GED practice test before take the actual GED test. If you are looking for GED testing locations we ask that you please visit the GED Directory. Scholarship Support has the best GED Directory on the web. It provides you with the neccessary contact information for the State Department of Education for your state.


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